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Federal Agency Contracting Dollars to Small Business Concerns – FY15 Initial Awards

GTHere’s a look at the state of small business obligations during the early days of FY2015. As of this report, agencies have made overall obligations of $42 billion year-to-date (to all contractors), with $9.5 billion of that awarded to small 571px-Uncle_Sam_(pointing_finger)business concerns.

Dig a bit deeper and you discover $4.5 billion is the result of a modification action by agencies (e.g., exercise an option, new work within scope, etc.).

This means small federal contractors have achieved $5 billion in initial awards, or dollars not resulting from agencies executing a modification to an existing contract, so far. NOTE: Department of Defense transactions are made available to the public ninety (90) days in arrears.

Are you curious as to how many of those initial award dollars were the result of small business set-asides or socioeconomic-based sole source actions? Excellent! Here you are:

2015-01-22_08-40-41 FY15 Set AsidesThe difference of $2.7 billion made its way to small business without assistance of small business 20150122 FY15 SB Award IDV Typeset-asides, although some of these dollars are the result of sole source justifications for reasons other than socioeconomic designations.

When it comes to how agencies are getting these dollars to small business, thirty-four percent of initial award obligations were achieved without the use of an indefinite delivery vehicle (IDV) also know as an ‘established contract vehicle.’ Definitive contracts and purchase orders make up $1.7 billion of the current initial award spend.

The prevailing award type is ‘delivery order‘ which represents orders for goods and services (delivery and task orders) placed against a BOA, FSS, GWAC or an IDC with the majority of those dollars obligated against an indefinite delivery contract such as an IDIQ or MAC. In a previous report, I provided a summary breakdown of awards to single versus multiple award IDCs.

20150122 FY15 DO IDV Types SBContributing to FY15 small business obligations are 143 contracting agencies (one level down from department) with the top ten contracting agencies accounting for over sixty percent of the current spend.

20150122 FY15 SB Top 10 AgenciesWhat are they buying? Over 1400 Product and Service Codes have been referenced so far. The purchase of products accounts for $2.3 billion of initial award obligations while services buys account for the remaining $2.7 billion. The top twenty PSCs (shown below) account for over forty percent of initial award obligations to small business concerns for FY15.

20150122 FY15 SB Top 20 PSCs

Information like this is readily and easily accessible through government-hosted portals which are the key sources of information related to government spending, opportunities, budgets, programs and more.

If you would like to know more about leveraging public sources of government contracting data to find and win contracts and subcontracts for your company, click here or call me at 410-381-7378 x200 to discuss our Ethical Stalking for Government Contractors™ program.


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