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Be Prepared to Meet (and Leverage) Federal Contracting Opportunities


GTAlthough it’s been over ten years since Maggie and I launched The American Small Business Coalition, we frequently receive calls, emails and snail mail based on the premise we sell to government agencies. We just had one the other day from a company trying to sell us ‘market intelligence to help us win more contracts with federal agencies.’ Mind you, it’s not like either of us is in Witness Protection and I don’t believe anything on our website, LinkedIn or Twitter profiles suggests we have ever been or are currently interested in selling to Uncle Sam, yet they still come.iStock_000015943882Medium stinks

To this day, one of my pet peeves is someone trying to sell me when they don’t know me or my company, and have very obviously not made any effort to do so.

I mean seriously, how hard can it be for a sales rep to ‘Google’ me or…

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Go-To-Guy Timberlake is the Editor-in-Chief Visionary of GovConChannel and oversees the creation and curation of relevant and timely 'News And Information That Matters To Small Government Contractors.'


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