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GovConChat™: FedBizOpps Effect on Federal Procurement Dollars

The FedBizOpps Effect on Federal Procurement Dollars

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Would you believe us if we said the Federal Business Opportunities portal (http://www.fbo.gov) can take credit for impacting more than half of all government contract obligations reported to the Federal Procurement Data System?

Podcast logoThis is the case if you review FY2014 spending and those obligations that can trace their roots back to a notification on FedBizOpps when its procurement cycle began. This is a surprise since so many acquisitions seem to fall under existing contract vehicles (with a limited field of players) and the general consensus is that buys on FedBizOpps are those meant to establish a contract vehicle or purchase goods and services not already attached to one.

Does that resonate with you? If so, like our host was, you’ll be surprised at what you learn.

NOTE: If you have an opportunity to read the blogs referenced below, you’ll find out obligations attributed to FedBizOpps have increased substantially since FY2010, and are still on the rise.

Here’s the latest GovConChat™ segment:


  1. Blog: About Those ‘Federal Business Opportunities’
  2. Blog: Reconsidering the Respect FedBizOpps Gets

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