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GovConChat™: Big Changes Coming to the GSA Schedule for Professional Services. What’s It All About and Are You Ready?

Big Changes Coming to the GSA Schedule for Professional Services.
What’s It All About and Are You Ready?

20537555_l dont knowDoes your company have a GSA Schedule for professional services? More than one? Have you heard about Podcast logothe changes coming to the Federal Supply Schedule program? How familiar are you with how these changes may help or hurt your company when it comes to government contracting?

In an effort to streamline the purchasing of services from MAS Schedules, GSA has officially Gsa_sealannounced the movement of all professional services on the various individual GSA Schedules to one single Professional Services Schedule (PSS).  The Schedule contracts to be merged are The Consolidated (00CORP), MOBIS (874), PES (871), FABS (520), AIMS (541), LOGWORLD (874V), Environmental (899) and Language (738II).  Going forward, with the exception of the Consolidated (00CORP) Schedule, the individual professional services schedules listed above will be migrated into the new Professional Services Schedule and the individual solicitations for those schedules cited above will be eliminated.

During this edition of GovConChat™ I talk with my friend Courtney Fairchild of Global Services to get answers to the following questions and more

  1. Why the change to one Professional Services Schedule?
  2. What are the possible drawbacks of one Professional Services Schedule to Government? Industry?
  3. What will happen for companies that currently hold multiple individual GSA Services Schedule contracts?
  4. How will the change impact small business schedule holders?
  5. What about companies facing termination because they have not met the sales minimum?
  6. What is the timeline for the proposed switch to the new Schedule?


  1. GSA Moving To One Professional Services Schedule (Global Services)
  2. GSA details schedule consolidation (FCW)
  3. Change is Coming! PowerPoint (GSA Federal Acquisition Service)

About Courtney Fairchild

fairchildCourtney Fairchild, the President & CEO of Global Services and a member of The American Small Business Coalition GovCon Help Desk™ A-Team (A is for Answer!).

Based in the heart of Washington, DC, Global Services delivers winning Global Logo Tagstrategies for every stage of marketing to the government — analyzing your opportunities, writing proposals, helping you obtain and maintain a GSA Schedule and overall building your company’s self-sufficiency in federal contracting.  Global Services is a 17 year old woman-owned small that has successfully written proposals for over 1,500 contract awards totaling over 20 Billion Dollars.  Global Services caters to all types and sizes of federal contractors and their proposal process involves working collaboratively with their clients every step of the way.  As a result they customize proposal approaches to match a company’s specific goals and capabilities and deliver outstanding results!

Global Services is a founding member of The American Small Business Coalition.

 Copyright 2014. The American Small Business Coalition, LLC

About Editor-in-Chief Visionary

Guy Timberlake is the Editor-in-Chief Visionary of GovConChannel and oversees the creation and curation of relevant and timely 'News And Information That Matters To Small Government Contractors.'

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