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It’s Baaaack: Kingdomware Case Set For Argument On February 22, 2016

The Supreme Court’s decision is good news for SDVOSBs and VOSBs, which got a bit of a scare when the Supreme Court abruptly yanked the case from its docket in November. Continue reading

How about a year with no contractor executive orders?

For small companies, the burdens become a barrier to entry to the federal market. Continue reading

New protest delays GSA Agile BPA once again

Unfortunately, the process for getting the vehicle going has been less than agile. Continue reading

Agencies directed to use social media in security clearance reviews

The legislation creates an enhanced personnel security program, which requires that agencies develop a plan for investigating existing clearance holders, under the direction of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI). Continue reading

Viewpoint: Reverse Auctions Save Taxpayers Money

As you read this article keep in mind the organization behind the writer is the same one who felt a ‘Need to assassinate the character and discredit’ VA official Jan Frye who challenged them FedBid’s activities at VA. Continue reading

Viewpoint: Reverse Auctions Don’t Help Agencies or Taxpayers

Reverse auctions do not guarantee the lowest price for a contract. Rather, like in “The Price is Right” game show, they guarantee that one business will underbid others by just one dollar. Continue reading

Defense Health Agency looks to civilian side for health IT contracts

DHA is partnering with GSA to acquire health IT in an effort to standardize outcomes and save money, according to DHA’s special notice. Continue reading

3400 Small Businesses Capture $4 Billion in Federal Contracts

Stop us if you’ve heard this one. 3400 small businesses capture $4 billion in federal contracts during Q1 thru Q3 during FY2015. Continue reading

The Complete Simplified Acquisitions Workshop!™ [B2GEDU]

This workshop is an actionable immersion for anyone who believes they can benefit from understanding a growing area of government spending with inherently less administrative burden for Government and Industry. Continue reading

How and Where to Fish for Government Contracts! 1/4/2016 thru 2/4/2016

The Complete Simplified Acquisitions Workshop!™ will provide you the practical knowledge and skills needed to find and win some of the $20 billion in streamlined purchasing by civilian, defense and intelligence agencies. Continue reading


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