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Your LinkedIn Approach Doesn’t Work For Me (and Vice Versa I’m Sure)

How you choose to use LinkedIn is your business and your choice, but your ‘system’ probably won’t work for me. That doesn’t make your tactics right and mine wrong, and it shouldn’t make one better or worse than the other. Continue reading

Join Us to Celebrate Richard Dean 2/11/16 in Vienna, VA

On Thursday, February 11, 2016, friends and colleagues gather at the Vienna American Legion to celebrate a really good guy. Continue reading

Saying Goodbye to My Brother Stinks

I’m going to miss my brother’s friendship, his faith and his kindness. Continue reading

Business Development vs. Capture vs. Proposal Management vs. Winning

The primary missions of business development, capture, and proposal management are all very different. And yet, they share the same goal: winning. Continue reading

SBA OHA: Shared Ownership In Eight Companies Caused Affiliation

Individuals who had common investments in eight different companies were treated as a single person for purposes of the SBA’s affiliation rules. Continue reading

Bare-Bones Organizational Chart Sinks Proposal

Recently, the GAO has confirmed that offerors must provide sufficient detail or run the risk of being eliminated from a competition. Continue reading

DoD’s new background investigations system to include encryption, offline storage

In the days after the Office of Personnel Management announced that hackers had stolen the security records of nearly 22 million feds, former feds, would-be feds and government contractors, the fact that those records had not been encrypted was one of the many points detractors used to heap scorn on OPM. Continue reading

DoD’s current acquisition plans will peak at $191B

CBO says DoD’s current acquisition plans will increase by 11 percent from 2020 to 2023 reaching a peak of $191 billion. Continue reading

OMB to ban most new contracts for mobile devices, services

First it was on desktops and laptops, and now it will be on mobile devices. Continue reading

INFOGRAPHIC: What is the CALC Tool Telling Us?

The results, while not shocking, do paint an interesting picture about the composition of the offered rates reflected in the database, especially when comparing those offered by small vs non-small businesses. Continue reading


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